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Chubby but Fun Size

I have been a Jumping Girl for 6 years!

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I have a dream to work in Japan. I have been studying Japanese for 7 years and I am happy with how far I have come in understanding Japanese. My speaking and listening skills are weak but once I live in Japan for more than 3 months, I should get better.
Random fact: I have never had a boyfriend in my life, and I sometimes wish I was able to get one. But right now I am on a no love kick, so I can truly find my Prince.
I LOVE Hey!Say!JUMP they are my favorite J&A group. Takaki is my favorite guy in J&A. I'm a big fan of half Asian children.
Besides J&A guys I love many Japanese actors; Miura Haruma, Sato Takeru, Ishiguro Hideo, and more
I'm a HUGE fan of Tsuji Nozomi's blog on Ameba, I personally love reading and looking at her pictures! I love Mama bloggers!
I took Japanese in high school and a year in college and I try to regularly translate Takaki interviews!

Besides Japan i'm very much interested in a few Korean Idol groups; Ukiss, Cross Gene, SS501.
My favorite member is Hoon.
I have a youtube account www.youtube.com/Nanadroid
Well thank you for reading this long profile entry! add me!!!

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